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Marketing Training Programs

Clear Perspectives provides a series of practical training programs that help develop more capable and confident marketing professionals.  Some of the available seminars include:

Bulletproof Business Writing

  • A well-written document will better communicate and sell ideas that will help move business forward.  This seminar provides the know-how to generate effective written communication, including overall guidelines, disciplined preparation, and outlines of memo formats.  (3 hours)

Concept Development

  • Concept development is a structured process within defined parameters to determine the best benefit-oriented positioning for a product. This seminar covers the elements of what a good concept is, how and why we use concepts, developing consumer insights, building a good concept and rules of thumb, examples and checklists for finished concept construction.  (7 hours) 

Creating "Killer Copy"

  • A clear strategy determines how to sell a product and provides the fundamental basis for developing and evaluating advertising.  This seminar explains how a copy strategy fits into an overall brand development vision, what are the elements of a copy strategy, how to determine if a strategy is strong, how to understand and evaluate advertising and how to communicate effectively with your advertising agency.  (7 hours)

Producing Superior Advertising

  • It requires superior advertising production to successfully bring a strategy to life.   This seminar looks at evaluating advertising from a production standpoint, effective management of the pre- production, shoot and post-production processes for maximum communication results, and a review of the responsibilities of the marketing manager, the agency and the supplier in delivering the objectives.  (3 hours)

Effective and Efficient Media

  • Communicating a message to the right people at the right times is the key to building business in the most effective and efficient way.  This seminar teaches development of a superior media strategy that fits with the overall vision, guidelines to review a media strategy and objective, considerations in media planning, comparing strengths and weaknesses of various media vehicles, and evaluating media plans.  (3 hours) 

High Performance Promotion Planning

  • Strategic, competitive promotions play a vital role in the success of an overall marketing plan through their powerful ability to build volume. The seminar focuses on how to go about identifying and targeting the correct user group, developing an aggressive, breakthrough promotion objective and strategy, creating and evaluating superior promotion ideas, and how and when to test promotions.  (7 hours)

Detail Aids That Sell

  • A detail aid works best when it conveys a strong strategic message in a persuasive selling format that helps your sales force present and sell in a focused way.  This seminar explores the elements of detail aids that work well, how to apply the steps of persuasive selling, and folding a copy strategy into the selling format.  (3 hours)

Other seminars are also available.  Please contact us now for details, or
proceed to review client industries.
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