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Advertising Production

If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated with the high costs and complicated process of producing advertising, or disappointed by the results, Clear Perspectives can make a difference.  We will work with you, your agency and suppliers to ensure you get the maximum communication for the best possible cost.

We have worked on the advertiser, ad agency and production company sides of the industry.   We know what things should cost and how to get them done.  Clear Perspectives can help you control the process so you end up with the most efficient, effective advertising possible.

Procedures Analysis & Systems Implementation

  • Development and implementation of corporate production policies and procedures based on a comprehensive analysis of current practices and costs. 

Storyboards or Layout Assessment

  • Determination of whether storyboards or layouts can be translated as anticipated on film, and where any unexpected pitfalls might be. 

Evaluation of Suppliers

  • Review of directors, photographers & production companies based on individual project parameters. 

Thorough Analysis of Supplier Bids

  • Analysis of the bid to manage costs while maintaining excellent quality.

Supervision of the Entire Production Process

  • Supervision of the shoot and finishing process to insure that the communication objectives are visualized and the budget is respected.

Rather than just serving as “hired guns”, we remain available as a resource throughout the production process.  We can optimize production opportunities and help you produce efficient advertising that brings a measurable return on your investment.

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