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Business Analysis & Vision Development

Before you can launch a new product or breathe life into one that exists, it is imperative to have a thorough, impartial understanding of where things are today. With our ability to approach the strategic marketing variables from the outside in, Clear Perspectives is in a unique position to evaluate the business strengths, weaknesses and areas of opportunity. We can analyze your business in a variety of ways:

Vision and Strategy Analysis

  • Examination of the relationship between your business and the category, including demographic and usage trend analysis to determine future needs that can be leveraged.         

Volume and Spending Analysis

  • Determination of the most efficient spending level to build volume, including review of current investment relative to volume, competitive investment levels, and historic relationships between spending and volume.

Advertising and Media Analysis

  • Assessment of the effectiveness of your current traditional and new media advertising, determination of opportunities to capitalize on the competition’s advertising weaknesses.  Evaluation of media efficiency and effectiveness including future areas of opportunity in relation to share of voice, share of spending, and competition’s use of media.

Promotion Plan and Rotation Review

  • Examination of you and your competitors’ past promotions, merchandising variables, price points and promotion size rotation.

Sales Strategies and Distribution Analysis

  • Evaluation of the conceptual selling format, and distributors’ perception of your brand and how it fits in the category and in their business. Identification of significant business opportunities through distribution analysis by SKU and outlet.

Competitive Review

  • Analysis of your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses from every aspect including advertising, media, promotion, distribution, volume and spending trends, to gain the strategic advantage by identifying opportunities and anticipating their future moves.

Research Analysis/Review

  • Interpretation of key data including habits and practices studies, usage and attitude studies, technical and product development reports, and other types of related research.

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