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Concept Development

Concept Development is not just a brainstorming activity.  It is creatively generating breakthrough ideas that can be tested qualitatively or quantitatively for marketplace potential. Clear Perspectives can help you master the concept development process, bringing new ways of sparking creativity in a structured, meaningful way.

Depending on the goals of the project, we will work with you to design a plan and qualification method for generating those big ideas in the most appropriate way for you.

Total Project Management

  • We can manage all aspects of the process necessary to develop meaningful, ownable product and advertising concepts.

Idea Generation

  • We can organize and facilitate creative brainstorming sessions, for the immediate marketing team or interdisciplinary groups, using a variety of methods for effective idea generation.

Qualitative Research Leadership

  • We can lead the consumer qualitative feedback process, either in focus groups or one-on-ones, in a way that won't shortcut the scope of thinking or risk overlooking big ideas. Then, we can help articulate these ideas in the most meaningful way.

Quantitative Research Coordination

  • We can work with you to quantifiably measure the power of the qualified concept, through mall intercept or mail panel testing. In fact, we can help you to design the research that best gathers the specific data required.

World class business ideas emanate from open thinking and a willingness to change the ways of looking at a situation. With a unique balance of marketing discipline and strategic creativity, Clear Perspectives will help you develop winning concepts that translate into successful businesses.

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